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Standoffs, Nut Plates & Blind Fasteners

We offer wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs, and floating nutplates. All of our fasteners are mounted with our unique non-sag acrylic adhesives which hold the parts in place on a vertical or overhead surface providing a permanent high strength bond.

We are now offering Type 316 Metric Nut Plates as well as Fine Pitch and our FNR series of Replaceable Nut Nut Plates.
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  • Floating Nut Plates

    304 Stainless Steel Floating Nut Plates

    Our floating nut plate is designed for thru hole and blind mounting applications. The rubber fixture holds the part in place while it is bonded in place with acrylic adhesive. The fixture keeps the threads clean during installation. Remove the rubber fixture when you are ready to make up the assembly. The threaded nut floats allow for accurate bolt alignment. Nut plates eliminate tapping saving significant labor costs.

    FN1420SS : SS Floating Nut Plate with #1/4 - 20 Threads
    FN1024SS : SS Floating Nut Plate with #10 - 24 Threads
    FN832SS : SS Floating Nut Plate with #8 - 32 Threads

  • Blind Tread Stainless Steel Standoffs

    304 Blind Threaded Standoff

    Our stainless steel female threaded standoff mounts to virtually any surface. These standoffs are .75” tall with a 1.25” diameter base. Like our studs, these parts can be bonded to either the upper or lower base surface. Use for thorough deck mounting of hardware or anywhere you need a fixed female thread. Maximum torque load is 90 inch/Lbs.

    SOB125-1024-12SS: 0.75” Tall
    SOB125-1420-12SS: 0.75” Tall
    SOB125-51618-12SS: 0.75” Tall

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